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Then you are at the right address at YenX! With our large product range of custom sneakers, belts, wallets, T-shirts and hoodies, we make this your place to be.

We make your wish come true!

Life is nothing more than an experiment. The more you experiment, the better.

"Waldo Emerson"

What does YenX do?

YenX creates the perfect sneaker, belt or wallet for you. Choose a product on request or from our range, the choice is yours. YenX was born through our passion for sneakers & design, and all of this for cheap.


The Creative Part

A perfect product starts with step 1. Thinking ... The clever heads behind YenX do this for you.

The Design

Designing on paper is step number 2, we are busy designing and improving our greasy products on a daily basis.

The Product

Delivering the product is the final phase of this three step plan. We make sure that your own custom shoe, belt and / or wallet is actually unique, and is ready to show to your homies.

6 Custom Sneakers
3 T-Shirt Designs
2 Hoodies
250 YenX Stickers

Creativity as never before.